Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Tie-dying with Buyanga students

Volunteers from Global Village Connect are in the village of Buyanga, delivering Peace Flags and tie dying with the students there.  They're also working on letters to send back to their pen pals, checking in on the health of the farm, and strategizing with students about ways we can work together to try to meet some of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  Our deepest gratitude to the Global Village volunteers who are facilitating our partnership with Buyanga Primary School.  May we all be healthier and happier for investing in this friendship!

Notice Radnor pen pals' Peace Flags hanging on the back wall!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Sharing What We're Learning: The Peace Flag Collaboration

        This is pure joy.  Radnor Middle School students are capturing something meaningful they've learned and putting this on fabric flags that will hang in classrooms at Buyanga Primary School. 

    The teachers at Buyanga are incredible, but they have almost no resources beyond a very tired chalkboard for teaching their students.  However, the Peace Flags are durable and educational.  

    Radnor Pen Pals created flags with the 5 Themes of Geography; diagrams of volcanoes, flowers, the water cycle; math equations and multiplication and addition tables; scientific terminology and favorite words of wisdom.  They are made by hand and with love, and it's a beautiful way to capture some of what they're learning and sharing it with others.



We're also writing letters to the students at Buyanga.  It takes a lot of patience to get a letter back from a child who lives in the bush in southeastern Uganda, but it's well worth the wait.                                                      


Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Thanks for Giving

Buyanga Primary School students in the farm we helped create

     This is the season for gratitude and for giving.  While you and your family are planning meaningful gifts, kindly consider a contribution to the Buyanga School farm.  The Pen Pal & Popcorn Club specializes in sustaining relationships and sharing the best of our selves with our friends far away.  When you contribute to this project, you are able to follow the progress of this farm for years to come through this blog.  When you make a contribution through Global Village Connect, you will receive a gift card acknowledging the donation.  Really, what could be more meaningful than nourishing our pen pals for years to come?  As always, thank YOU for giving!   Here's the link to donate: Buyanga Farm Donation

Sunday, November 26, 2017

This is Why we Do It!

Keep in mind, pen pals, THIS IS WHY WE DO IT!  

The students of Buyanga Primary School are grateful for all you are doing to ensure that their farm thrives.  Our efforts on their behalf is changing lives.  We can document the effect of our work:  School enrollment and completion rates have increased dramatically because the pupils receive lunch each day they attend school.  Not too many middle schoolers can claim to have made this kind of impact on the world.  You are powerful and amazing!  

This holiday season, consider a gift that you can watch grow: help keep the farm at Buyanga Primary School thriving.  Visit Global Village Connect and follow the TAKE ACTION>GIVE A GIFT links to make a contribution that we will foster together!  Thank you for caring.